Project Ownership: Private

Project Management: Andréa Viglino – Tartare Lab

Collaboration: Jean-Baptiste Couty – Architecte DE HMONP – Designer

Habitable Area: 60m2

Budget: 110 000 €


The project is based on a trapezoidal plot bordered by two important axes. Its location in the heart of the field allows a distance of the nuisances of the roads to fully enjoy the natural setting.

This is a holiday home. The project is characterized by a quest for protection and privacy materialized by a mineral enclosure: two concrete walls erect protecting a living space completely open to the natural context: the dune. The covered space, the terrace, appears as an extension of the living space to the outside.

The use of each material ensures a specific function: the concrete represents the structural aspect of the project, it allows a distance of nuisances and ensures a certain withdrawal. Wood is used as the transition element between living and sleeping spaces. The glass meanwhile ensures breakthroughs to the outside.