Project Ownership: Ville de Saint-Yriex-la-perche – Limousin

Project Management: Jean-Baptiste Couty – Architecte DE HMONP – Designer

Collaboration: Julien Aguado Millan – Designer

Mission: Public competition + Study + Prototype

“Oreilles de choux” is a kit that revisits the uses of lunch break, picnic and is named after the shape of the plates that compose it.

The bias is that of working around a passion, a means of transport: cycling. Working on the Bordeaux Metropolis, we both perform (Jean-Baptiste & Julien) many bike trips. This means of locomotion makes it possible to go to work, to the Market, to go to the cinema or to go find friends in the middle of a park to share a picnic or a snack. We noticed that we were not alone in this scheme. With the beautiful days, parks and city gardens are attacked by a public fond of greenery, and animated by the same and beautiful desire to share. Share a piece of road, a piece of cake with a tea or a coffee or share a glass of wine with a piece of cold meats or cheese.

The city is not the only place conducive to ballads and improvised meals. We often return to the Limousin region, especially to work porcelain. When the weather permits, everyone gets on their bike to cross the countryside, enjoy the nature, contemplate these agricultural and forest landscapes, stroll and cross beautiful Limousin cows that invite us to improvise a meal in the middle of their fields. What we miss before climbing the “sautadou”? The kit “Oreilles de choux”

“Oreilles de choux” is composed in part by LIMOGES porcelain! You will understand we want to focus on the nomadic side of the lunch break, without making concessions on the practical, aesthetic and qualitative of the product. It does not stop there, “Ears of cabbage” is both the luxury of Limoges porcelain but it is also leather. Leather, this noble, robust, supple, local material that enhances the white of porcelain.