Project Ownership: Ville de Saint-Yriex-la-perche – Limousin

Project Management: Jean-Baptiste Couty – Architecte DE HMONP – Designer

Collaboration: Florian Martinet – Carpenter – Owner BE – EURL Martinet

Mission: Public competition + Etude + Prototype

A meeting at the antipodes

We are not at the antipodes of the circumference of the earth that is very true. One practicing his job as an architect in Bordeaux the other practitioner on the Creuse his job as head of study in carpentry and carpenter. Especially since many passions bring us closer. At least two. Cycling and surfing.

This is how the name Antipode was born. He incarnates for us the notions of departure to meet around common passions. Each party from a point A, a point B to meet and share. It is also what we undertake through this project with our complementary know-how. Antipode comes from a simple desire. That of being able to move easily along the “silver coast” where we practice surf regularly, without having to carry his board under the arm. We were looking for an effective way to move from spot to spot without having to resort to the car. The ambition is to be able to advance while scrutinizing the beach and the ocean from the jetty. In fact, we did not want to limit ourselves to the transport of the boards, so we imagined a box, which can be clipped using a neodymium magnet on the wooden structure of Antipode. The technical issue of this concept lies in the desire to transpose the traditional assemblies of framework in a constructive system dedicated to the structural geometry of Antipode.

In addition, we used leather not just as an ornamental but as a functional asset. The leather brings to the stripped structure, a balance of composition in the archetype of Antipode. It also makes it possible to create strips of fastenings for the boards, but also storage, with the location of the handlebars. Antipode adopts a minimal design, it is at the service of users, above all in a dimension of use and practicality for the practice of surfing, but also in trips during which you need to transport business. Antipode honors the use of wood and leather through an alliance that wants to be “LESS IS MORE” translated literally “the least is the most” as the advanced Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, famous 19th century architect.