Project Ownership: City of Limoges

Project Management: Jean-Baptiste Couty – Architecte DE HMONP – Designer

Mission: Study faisabilité + Esquisse

Habitable Area: 1500m2

Budget: 2 000 000€

The ECEP are the initials of a new spatial concept.

Experimental creative space of porcelain, it is a place answering to the problematic of the collective Limousin Esprit Porcelaine: to have a place of experimentation, meeting and reception of artists. The aim is to boost the work of porcelain, to develop new products from this tradition of high quality. Create an exhibition space to forge links with the city, large workshops to work large pieces and raise awareness of porcelain crafts trades, exchange around a cafe, to accommodate foreign artists.

This meeting place is born primarily through a work of cover combined with that of the passage. The unifying element of the project and these places of passage, a hall with organic forms, which is reminiscent of porcelain as it can be found in liquid form. This archetype reinforces the idea of ​​flow of passage. The hall plays a role of continuity of spaces, be it for the coffee, the house of the artists or the workshops. This place would become a place of convergence between the inhabitants, the creative ones and the people of passage.