Project Ownership: Esprit Porcelaine – Limoges

Project Management: Jean-Baptiste Couty – Architecte DE HMONP – Designer

Mission: Competition + Study + Prototype

Production: Les porcelaines de la fabrique – Limoges

La Tatass’ est un objet qui mêle fonctionnalité et esthétique. La volonté et de rassemblé. De prendre cette objet comme prétexte d’échange et de lien social. Le café et la deuxième boisson la plus consommé après l’eau c’est tout naturellement que cette idée est nait autour de la “pause” café.

Tatass’ is an object that combines functionality and aesthetics. The will and gathered. To take this object as a pretext for exchange and social bond. Coffee and the second most consumed drink after water is naturally that this idea is born around the “coffee break”.

The tatass’ is two cups in one. Tatass’ is imagined on a split cup. This split creates two containers themselves connected by nickel-plated neon magnets with a power of 1.2KG of adhesion on a base of raw wood or lacquered in colors which also has a magnet which allows a perfect coaxiality and so the correct positioning of the cups on their base. The cups are made of ultra-white porcelain from the FABRIQUE DE LIMOGES. It is a noble and durable material. The pedestal is available in raw wood oiled in different species of wood such as ash, beech, birch, elm but also bamboo which is all sustainable and renewable materials. When the base is lacquered in color it consists of Medium or MDF which is then rough and covered with color to finally be varnished.